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HGH transdermal skin patches in small orders, wholesale or bulk quantities from USA

Small minimum orders

HGH patches with massive discounts up to 95% off RRP (recommended retail price $99.99 per sheet of 6 patches)

These patches are the latest cutting edge technology in transdermal skin patches where the ingredients are included in the adhesive backed wafer thin patches. It is now generally accepted that transdermal delivery (through the skin) of supplements are the 21st century efficient way of delivering supplements which dont need such large doses as the ingredients by-pass the digestive system and this reduces loss.

We offer small quantities or bulk from the USA

and specialise in selling plain unbranded packets in wholesale and bulk quantities to resellers around the world.

Although they are unbranded they are the same as the patches being sold by USA retailers in their own branded packages at up to $99 per sheet.

They are available in sheets of 6 unbranded patches per sheet.

You can buy any number of sheets you want and the more you buy the cheaper they get.



Active Ingredients: Each patch contains:

Alpha GPC (Alpha Glycerl-Phosphoryl Choline) - 600 nanograms

GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) - 400 nanograms

Mucuna Pruriens (L-Dopa Bean Extract) - 400 nanograms

Moomiyo Extract (Russian Mumie).- 600 nanograms

HgH (Somatotropin) 22,000 nanograms

Size of Patch: 1.5 inches square with rounded corners.

Active Ingredients per Patch: >24,000 nanograms.


Outside of USA the buyer is responsible for any local import taxes or customs procedures on arrival.

These are controversial products and may get confused by some countries customs regulators with illegal injectable HGH products. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure the product is legal to import in their home country before ordering. We accept no responsibility for customs seizures if due diligence is not carried out by the buyer.

order procedure:-

PLease go to

These patches are the latest cutting edge technology in transdermal skin patches where the ingredients are included in the adhesive backed wafer thin patches.

When you receive these patches and see them for the first time you will be amazed at how thin, light and unobtrusive they are. You may even have doubts about them because of this factor but please be assured that they are actually made in the USA (not from China) with the latest cutting edge technology that includes the ingredients built into the adhesive. This technology is known as PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) transdermal patches.

The same technology is being used to develop transdermal nutrition for astronauts and active military field personnnel.

Sent in plain unbranded outer wrapping without individual wrappers for resellers to brand and package themselves.

Transdermal technology is the future of dietary supplements.

21st Century Alternatives
Product History & News

*2010 we brought you the first British/European price challenge to TA65™(trademark owned by TA Sciences inc) with our own HTA98™ herbal telomerase activator.

See video.

The REAL Anti Aging Secret is out!

* 2012 We brought you the first British/European price challenge to GENUINE U-Fucoidan extracted from the sap of the Laminaria Japonica brown seaweed from the Kuril Islands called UF-n(uk)™ (We are not allowed by British law to discuss it's benefits but our co-researcher club members know what they want it for!)

* January 2013. We brought you the first British non-MLM challenge to the various Adult Stemcell Enhancers with our AStRA ™ product

*February 2013 we brought you the 21st Century Alternatives transdermal patch called PQQ Complete ™ and also HGH patches

* 1st August 2013 this website launched for HGH patches

Watch this space - more transdermal products are to follow including multi factor dietary supplement as a liquid transdermal spray.

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The Science of transdermal patches
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